Silicone woods LB (one pair), size M

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Silicone pad LB (M)

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Innovative silicone forests for eyelash lamination with Easy Lift technology: n nFIXING POINT provides a quick and accurate selection of the desired shape size depending on the length of the eyelashes and allows you to determine the area of ??application of the composition to create a shape of different loop. The flat application of the tip prevents the creases of the eyelashes. N nA SMALL SEALING OF THE INTERIOR CORNERS OF THE EYE allows you to create a uniform and beautiful loop without bends and re-curls and also offers a simplified calculation of the compositions without special measurements. N nTYPE OF LIFTING SHAPES (S, M) allows you to work with drooping eyelids and lift the lashes from the root. n nTHE ROUND TYPE of shapes (M1, M2, L, L1) allows you to work with a line of eyelashes with spaced layers and create an expressive loop. n n nThe optimal length of the shape is suitable for any type and shape of the eye and allows you to achieve different effects when positioned on the eyelid with a slight gap. The shapes correspond to the anatomical structure of the eye, due to which they are easily and smoothly placed on the eyelid. The asymmetry about the center allows you to change them, thus obtaining a variety of effects and allowing you to work with “complex” genes. The compact size of the petal offers comfort for the client and the comfort of the master in the process of fixing the shape and eyelashes, while protecting the eyelid during painting. A wide range of sizes allows you to work with eyelashes of different lengths. The color allows you to work with both light and dark lashes. Forests are easy to maintain: the material allows them to sterilize in dry heat.

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