Brow Ultimate No1 Brow & Go Softtening Cream styling lotion

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Composition for eyebrow styling Nr. 1 Brow & Go soothing cream, 1 ml sachet

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Brow & Go is a long-term affordable product that offers consistent and predictable results. A reliable eyebrow styling system will help both the professional stylist and the beginner to obtain different effects from the procedure using the same compositions. N nBy varying the storage time of the compositions and the method of the procedure, you can successfully implement different customer requests: n-? tames? and strictly fixes the naughty, rigid eyebrows n- get a natural styling effect on soft and fine hair n- style the individual hairs n nThe result of the procedure will last from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the growth phase of The composition for the first stage of the eyebrow styling procedure softens the hairs, preparing them for styling. The composition is blue, which makes it easier to place and minimizes the possibility of misapplication. NBalanced formula and active ingredients make the composition soft and safe: n n- Hydrolyzed collagen attracts hair moisture, increasing its strength and elasticity. n n- Lanolin retains moisture in the hair, making it thicker and stronger, it protects against the adverse influences of the environment. n nThe composition is available in the traditional form – sachet, 1 ml n nBefore use, read carefully instructions for each styling of the eyebrows to get the desired effect and an excellent result! n

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