Lash & Go eyelashes laminating kit

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A set of favorite rolling products from the Lash & amp; Go:
Composition No. 1 Retexturizing Cream – 3 sachets x 0.67 ml. Opens the eyelash structure for extra curvature.
It has a light blue shade for convenience of application.
nComposition no. 2 Neutralizing cream – 3 sachets x 0.67 ml
. Fix the lashes in a new, elastic and graceful curve for a long time, protecting them from breaking.
It has a soft pink shade for the convenience of application.
Composition no. 3 Carbonizing serum – 1 pc x 3 ml
Remedy the result of the procedure.
Laminating adhesive – 1 pc x 5 ml
Adhesive for fast and stable fixation of eyelashes on forests during the lamination procedure.
Silicone rollers – 5 pairs (all sizes: S, M, M1, M2, L)
Rollers Lash & amp; Go creates a natural and maximum expressive loop in the eyelash lamination procedure.

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