Henna for eyebrows with ginger extract Henna Refresh 3g

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Henna for eyebrows with ginger extract
. HENNA REFRESH – henna and preparations for beneficial painting and healing of eyebrows due to natural ingredients. The benefits of HENNA REFRESH:
Long-lasting eyebrow coloring up to 8 weeks
– Useful composition
– Innovative home care
. Comfortable packaging
. HENNA REFRESH is a long-lasting henna-based pigment with ginger and saffron extract for coloring and restoring eyebrows. The fine dispersed gel texture offers ease in dilution and application, henna is easy to apply by stretching and easy to remove. Henna can be diluted with a special solution with Henna Refresh lavender extract or simple plain water. Depending on the method of diluting and applying henna, you can get both a bright shade and a clear contour of the eyebrows, as well as a more natural color tone, a smooth contour of the eyebrows. Henna shade HENNA REFRESH: Graphite, Brunette, Chocolate, Chestnut, Blonde, Caramel, Honey, Maroon.
Volume 3gr
. Active natural ingredients in the product:
Ginger root – stimulates the growth and healing of hair, strengthens and nourishes, maintains the shine of color due to ginger.
Saffron – the king of plants, has antioxidant, rejuvenating, tonic and moisturizing properties.
Pearl powder (mother of pearl) – has an excellent anti-aging and wound healing effect.
Aloe extract – has a moisturizing, healing, antibacterial and tonic effect on the skin Jojoba oil – provides nourishment and regeneration of the skin, strengthens the hair, improves its structure, increases elasticity, moisturizes
Henna is packed in a dense, opaque tube with a channel, which guarantees the preservation of the product’s properties throughout its shelf life.
During packaging, finely dispersed henna is shaken to minimize interaction with oxygen and to retain its beneficial properties. In this sense, before starting the use, we recommend that you shake the bottle well, then open it and mix the contents lightly using a microbrash.
To pour the required amount of henna into the container, you must remove the lid, turn the bottle over and beat on the back. With the help of the shaking movements, you will be able to dose the amount needed for the procedure.
Henna is presented separately in 8 natural shades in a volume of 3g and 7g, as well as in a set of 6 colors

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Graphite, Brunette, Chocolate, Chestnut, Blonde, Caramel, Honey, Maroon.

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