Formula no. 3 for LB Express accelerated lamination, 5 ml bottle

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Composition no. 3 for LB Express accelerated rolling

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Laminating for experienced craftsmen who appreciate time and reputation. + Treatment in just 30-40 minutes + Elastic loop even on hard lashes + Modified formula with emphasis on stable results + Reduced exposure time + Ethanolamine stabilizer for uniform pH + Even more nutrients Forms only for dense and irregular lashes : not suitable for weak eyelashes eyelashes, fine threads. The LB Express composition allows you to gain up to 15 minutes of free time for each procedure: the first composition – 4-6 minutes (instead of 10-14 for a standard composition) the second composition – 3-5 minutes (instead of 5 -7 minutes) 3rd composition – removal + eyelash care. Nr. 3 Extra Care contains a whole complex of medicinal ingredients: – provitamin B5, – vitamin E, – betaine, – ylang-ylang oil, – aloe leaf juice, – extracts of jasmine, rose, chamomile, echinacea and iris roots . Convenient packaging: 1 and 2 compositions in a 1 ml sachet – for 3-4 procedures. A bottle with composition no. 3 – 5 ml, enough for 15-20 procedures. LB Express is ideal for working with hard and stubborn eyelashes. Recommended for confident craftsmen with at least 1 year of experience.

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